Lexis Manuscript Tracking System

Lexis Manuscript Tracking System is an advanced & smart publishing system that can manage and control all criteria for journals papers. This system is designed with highest research knowledge and also highest software quality that can offer unique services for journals. Some of features in Lexis Manuscript Tracking System are as below list:

  • Advanced and secured registration portal for authors, reviewers, editor in chief, language editors, structure editors, statistical editors and publisher (admin).
  • Advanced and secured submission portal for manuscript submission.
  • Automated plagiarism check for all submitted manuscripts by Lexis Antiplagiarism Software.
  • Advanced and secured Review portal for reviewers and editors.
  • Advanced and secured technical check portal that usable for help and fast decision about received manuscripts.
  • Inform any manuscript status change to all involved members (such as: all involved authors, all involved reviewers and editors) by email, SMS and other alerts.
  • Advanced manuscript status check portal; Academic institute & universities staffs can easily check validation of any offered acceptance by this system.
  • Automated advanced publishing formats such as: Audio format, PDF, SWF, XML, HTML, EPub, .ris, .enl and … .
  • Automated reviewer suggestion system according to subject of received manuscripts that is very usable foe editor in chief.
  • Automated calculate journal statistics such as: acceptance rate, rejection rate, number of all authors, number of all reviewers and editors, physical location of all authors and editors, smart discover hot and popular papers, show total view for all published papers, smart discover any citations for all published papers through cited by Scopus and cited by CrossRef.
  • Automated show new papers and also show similar papers for all published papers.
  • Lexis Manuscript Tracking System designed according to high quality software features such as: ASP.NET, C#, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and … .
Lexis Manuscript Tracking System has other many advanced features but according to Lexis Laws we couldn’t share more details about them. If you have any question about Lexis Manuscript Tracking System or you want order this service you can contact us through [email protected]