Advanced Publishing Templates

Lexis Publisher works on a high quality published form template for all journals; you can find this template features as below list:

  • High quality two column template
  • Consider a unique doi for each published paper
  • Bookmarks are enabled
  • All citations are hyperlink and sorted by a reference manager software
  • Use of unique Lexis Press advanced PDF producer software
  • Editing on PDF files is restricted and not allowed to prevent of abuses.
  • Automated producing first and end pages covers
  • Automated Insert download origin information (such as ip and location) in PDF files.
  • Automated Insert paper tags in PDF files (such as author name, paper title and other publish details).
  • Automated Insert live date in PDF files
We can design high quality and unique papers publish template for any journal; if you want get more information about this service you are free to contact with us through [email protected]
You can download and see a sample of our template by clicking here as PDF file.