Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development

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About the Journal

Pharmaceutical science contributed immensely in development of better medicines and has significant impact on the health care. The research and development focus in pharmaceutical science is increasing. Sharing of research outcomes as well as integrated scientific endeavors is fundamental for relatively faster development of new medicines, while avoiding redundancy. In this context, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development aims to broadcast scholarly research contributions pertaining to drug specificity, optimizing dosage regimen, drug delivery systems and regulation. The Journal caters to the updated information requirements of pharmacy students, health care providers as well as medical professionals.

Scope of the Journal

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Development solicits research contributions pertaining to drug design, drug discovery, natural products, formulation, personalized medicine, testing the efficacy of drug molecule in vitro and in vivo, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, analytical sciences, nanotechnology, therapeutic aspects, quality control, optimization by medicinal chemistry, drug pharmacodynamics, evaluation of safety and toxicity of drug molecules, regulatory science as well as computational approaches.

Publication Ethics

Lexis follows strict publication ethics and regulations as recommended by ICMJE and COPE. The editors at Lexis comply with the guidelines recommended by WAME.

Editorial Workflow

Lexis publisher is trying for exactly review process in all journals and books.

Lexis Anti-Plagiarism

Plagiarism can also be referred as academic theft. Lexis ensures that researcher and authors get full credit for their novel ideas and researches.