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About the Journal

Research into microbiology assumed greater significance in the light of emerging diseases, for the development and testing of new vaccines, drugs as well as genetic engineering for environmental applications. Fundamental and clinical research into microbiological principles and molecular mechanisms attained importance and preference, particularly for pathogenic species. Despite greater efforts, communicable infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance are still the major challenges. Immunology combines molecular and cellular events pertaining to immunological and biochemical domains of physiology that determine the pathological susceptibility or immunity in an organism towards microbes or external agent. Dysregulation of the immune response, either defective or excessive, may lead to several disorders including allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders or cancer.

Scope of the Journal

The need for effective cure to infectious microorganisms has brought the fields of microbiology and immunology together. Journal of Microbiology and Immunology publishes recent developments in the basic, experimental and applied research in these areas, which would enhance our understanding of viral and bacterial pathogenesis, infectious disease etiology, immunological response of the host, infectious disease prognosis, therapeutics & treatment options and procedures. The journal covers research topics including general microbiology, immunology, and host-pathogen interactions in addition to both fundamental and clinical aspects of virology, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and immunology. The journal aims to cater for the increasing requirement of systematic research based information among pathologists, clinicians and health care professionals.

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