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Nandu Gattu

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  • Review Article   
    A Review on Drug Combination Strategy for Pharma Life Cycle Management
    Author(s): Prashanth R Rikkala, Sidharth Shankar Jha, Debasis Pore, Krishna Madhuri Manda, Nandu Gattu and Sanjeev Kumar Shangary*

    Discovering a new drug and developing it to the clinic is a, time-consuming and expensive process. A successfully developed patented drug enjoys market exclusivity which provides an opportunity to recoup the R&D expenses. Market competition with similar drugs from other companies, patent cliff and entry of generics present a threat to revenue generation. Successful pharma companies employ suitable Life Cycle Management (LCM) strategies, timed to expand the clinical utility of the drug and boost the revenues through new market exclusivities. Drug combination is one such strategy adopted to add therapeutic value and enhance the commercial life of a drug. In this article, we review drug combination as a Life Cycle Management (LCM) strategy adopted for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drugs. We analysed New Molecular Entity (NME) approved by the FDA in the decade of .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.15412/2322-3308.20.9.215

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