Journal of Biology and Today's World

Volume 5, Issue 4, 2016

Case Reports

Simultaneous Events and Subsequent Disabilities of Homemade Alcohol Consumption: A Case Report

  • "Bita Dadpour, Ahmad Bagheri-Moghaddam, Vahid Reza Dabbagh-Kakhk, Mohammad Zaman Sheikh Arabi, Amir Habibi-Tamijani"

Research Article

A survey on Non-Venomous Snakes in Kashan (Central Iran)

  • Rouhullah Dehghani, Nasrullah Rastegar pouyani, Bita Dadpour, Dan Keyler, Morteza Panjehshahi, Mehrdad Jazayeri, Omid Mehrpour, Amir Habibi Tamijani

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