Journal of Biology and Today's World

Volume 5, Issue 12, 2016

Short Communication

Physicochemical Properties of Cornelian Cherry Fruit (Cornus mas L.) Grown in Qazvin province, Iran

  • Zohreh Samiee Rad, Babak Pakbin, Kourosh Rahmani, Samaneh Allahyari, Katayoun Karami, Razzagh Mahmoudi, Peyman Ghajarbeygi, Masoud Kazeminia

Research Article

Evaluation of the Quality of Services Delivered in Qazvin’s Hospitals to Attract Medical Tourists: Joint Commission International Approach

  • Rohollah Kalhor, Saeideh Moosavi, Mehran Ramezanpour, Azam Molapour, Abdollah, Keshavarz, Elham Shah Bahrami, Mohammad Azmal, Fatemeh Gharaghieh

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