Journal of Biology and Today's World

Volume 3, Issue 9, 2014

Short Communication

"Job Satisfaction of Health Deputy Office Experts in Guilan University of Medical Sciences"

  • Fardin Mehrabian, Fatemeh Rezayati, Yasaman Pourbakhshi, Jamileh Moemeni1, Parvin Ebrahimi

Research Article

"Social Support and Self-care Behavior among Heart Failure Patients: Is there any Relationship"

  • Gholam Hassan Khaledi, Ahmad Ali Eslami, Hamidreza Rooh Afza, Firoozeh Mostafavi, Akbar Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Mahboubi

Case Reports

"Acute Myocardial Infarction with Normal Coronary Arteries Following a Blunt Chest Trauma; a Case Report"

  • Abbas Andishmand, Seyed Ali Banifatemeh, Zohreh Behnamfar, Seyed Mehrdad Mirvakili

Case Reports

"Bilateral Central Retinal Artery Occlusion (CRAO) after Opium Consumption"

  • Leila Rezaei, Heshmatolla Ghanbari, Maryam Taghaodi, Mohammad Malekahmadi, Farshad Adinevand, Ahmad Jahanbakhshi

Review Article

"Control, Management and Treatment of Diabetes Using Modern Drug Delivery Systems and Special Properties of Nanoparticles"

  • Mahnaz Rezaei-kelishadi, Mohsen Nuri, Zahra Erfani, Abbasali Palizban, Rahmatollah Parandin

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