Journal of Biology and Today's World

Volume 3, Issue 5, 2014

Short Communication

Protein structure prediction of human connexin 30 and its mutations in hearing system

  • Somayeh Reiisi, MohammadHosein Sanati, Morteza Hashemzade-chaleshtori, Salimeh Reisi, Heshmat Shahi, Shahrbano Parchami, Mohammad AminTabatabaiefar, Zarrin Minuchehr

Research Article

"Correlation between dP/dt and dP/dt max with right ventricle functional capacity in patients with rheumatic heart disease before and after valve replacement surgery"

  • Nahid Salehi, Hashem Kazerani, MohammadReza Saidi, Alireza Rai, mohammadRasoul Ghadami, Fataneh Peermohammadi, Hooman Tadbiri

Short Communication

"Nutrition Related Behavior Problems in Autism Spectrum Disorders"

  • Mansour Noori, Farzad Weisi, Vahdi Rashedi, Amir Tayebi Sani, Mohammad Rezaei, Mohammad Mahboubi

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