Journal of Biology and Today's World

Volume 3, Issue 12, 2014

Research Article

"Prevalence of cagA and babA2 genes in Helicobacter Pylori strains Isolated from Iranian gastrointestinal disorder patients and their gastritis classification"

  • Heshmat Shahi, Somayeh Reiis, Marzieh Sadeghiani, Majid Mahsa, Rasol Bahreini, Mandana Moghni, Mohamad-sadegh damavandi, Fereshte fatollahi, Elahe Shahverdi, Ghasem ramezani, Hedayatollah Shirzad

Research Article

Bedsore Incidence in Trauma Patients Admitted to the ICU

  • Farshid Rahimi–Bashar, Hamed Samami, Saadat Torabian

Short Communication

"Evaluation of the nutritional status using the anthropometric indices and dietary intakes in the central prison of Mashhad"

  • Adeleh KhodaBakhshiFard, Mohammad Safarian, Sajjad Rostami, Somayeh Zamani, Mohsen Mazidi, Mostafa Arabi, Mohsen Nematy, Abbas Yousefi Nejad

Research Article

"Effect of Local Application of Dexamethasone on Reducing of post-surgical Sore Throat due to application of Laryngeal Mask Airway"

  • Mohammad Hossein Jarahzadeh, Banafshe Fuladgar, Mohammad Reza Mirjalili, Farshid Rahimi- Bashar, Mohammad Hossein Dehghani, Kazem Barzegar

Research Article

"Is the Health Belief Model as an Appropriate Predictor of the Self-Care Behaviors in Type II Diabetic Patients?"

  • Tahereh Etesamifard, Touraj Ahmadi Jouybari, Fazel Zinat-Motlagh, Mohammad Mahboubi, Abbas Aghaei, Mari Ataee

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