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The Validity of Euro Score in Patients who underwent off pump coronary artery bypass graft


Author(s): Mehdi Hadadzade, Seyed Khalil Forouzania, Seyed Jalil Mirhoseini, Hamide Peighambari, Naeeme Naserzade, Ali Akbar Rahimianfar

"European score system has been used to predict the morbidity and mortality rate of the patients who underwent open heart surgery. This is an attempt to evaluate the validity of Euro SCORE in off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery at Afshar Heart Center. 367 consecutive patients who underwent primary or redo off-pump CABG in Afshar Heart Center during October 2010 to March 2011 were collected. The Euro SCORE forms were filled and incidence of post-operative morbidity and mortality were determined. The Patients were categorized into 4 groups of low-risk (logistic score: 0-1.99), medium-risk (logistic score: 2-10.99), high-risk (logistic score: 11-19.99) and severe risk (logistic score: 20-62.80). The mean patient age was 61.19±10.90 years including 66.8% male and 33.2% female. Overall average mortality rate was 4.4%. Hospital stay was 6.1±3.6 days. IABP was used in 3.8%. Major complications were renal failure, bleeding, arrhythmia, pulmonary emboli, CVA, respiratory failure and MI. Arrhythmia was the most common complication that was the cause of mortality. The mortality rates were 0%, 1.7%, 13.2%, and 38.9% in low, medium, high and severe-risk groups, respectively. Euro SCORE is valid in OPCAB to modify the risk stratification of the patients who underwent OPCAB."

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