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"The relationship between Eysenck personality characteristics and resiliency with attitude towards suicide among female students"


Author(s): Mostafa Alikhani, Jahangir Karami, Ali Zakiee, Hosna Janjani, Parisa Janjani

"Present study conducted to determine the relationship between the Eysenck Personality characteristics and resiliency with a look at the issue of suicide among girl students in Kermanshah. Performing the research, a sample size of 250 individuals selected among all secondary school students in Kermanshah through cluster sampling. Descriptive study was a correlative type, to analyze the data; resulted data was analyzed using Pearson correlation and regression analysis by the help of SPSS19 software. To gather data, the Eysenck Personality characteristics questionnaires, Connor and Davidson resiliency approach and attitude to committing suicide used. Results showed that there was a positive, significant correlation between personality traits psychotic mental attitudes, and attitude to committing suicide, but there was a negative correlation between extroversion and attitude towards committing suicide. In addition, results indicated that there was a negative correlation between resiliency and attitude towards committing suicide. According to the results it could be concluded that the character of a structure is associated to commit suicide."

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