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The Relation between Estrogen-positive Receptor in Breast Cancer (ER+) and Obesity in Jeddah


Author(s): Sabah Abdulaziz Linjawi*, Sarah Abdullah Hifni and Shadi Salem ALKhayyat

Breast cancer is one of most common malignancy among women. About 74% of breast cancers have classified as estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer. As obesity play a role in altering estradiol hormone level, it is important to focus on obesity as one of ER+ breast cancer risk factor. The aim of this research was; to investigate the distribution of ESR1 gene alleles, comparing estradiol level between breast cancer patients and control group (obese and normal), and to correlate this single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) to obesity in ER+ breast cancer patient. The study included 119 participants (59 controls, 60 ER+ breast cancer patients). Two blood samples were collected from each participant; one were for studying the distribution of polymorphism in intron 3 in ESR1 (rs2347867 G>A+27944) using Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP) technique. The second sample was to measure E2 level using Electro-chem-iluminescence technique. The results indicate an association between polymorphism in intron 3 in ESR1 and breast cancer risk, it is also confirm the positive relationship between breast cancer diagnosis in postmenopausal women and high estradiol level. This study could not associate the alternation of E2 level to obesity or to polymorphism in intron 3 of ESR1. The suggested association between polymorphism rs2347867 and breast cancer risk needs to be confirm in larger samples. In addition, we recommend educating population about health hazard of obesity and the importance of maintaining an ideal weight for better health.

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