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"The Consumption Effect of Garlic Tablet on Proteins Oxidation Biomarker (SH-group) in Postmenopausal Osteoporotic Women"


Author(s): Javad Zavar-Reza, Hassan Mozaffari-Khosravi, Ali Dehghani, Mohammad Hossein Azaraein, Reza Ahmadi, Davoud Javidmehr, Hamidreza Yousefi, Tahere Barabadi, Fereshte Ahmadian

"Osteoporosis is one of the most prevalent metabolic bone diseases which is a main cause of death in developed and under developing countries in addition to disabilities and is more prevalent in higher ages especially in menopause women. The recent biochemical and genetic studies indicate that an increase in oxidative stress results in reduction of bone density. In this research, 40 women suffering from osteoporosis were randomly divided into two Garlic (GG) and placebo groups (PG) and the SH-group was measured using the Kitajima's method. We observed a significant (P=0.001) increased level SHgroup of after taking Garlic tablets in PG in comparison to before taking Garlic tablets in PG. increased level plasma SHgroup in after taking Garlic tablets in GG in comparison to before taking Garlic tablets in GG (P=0.002). The garlic intake can effect on oxidation of SH- group. The mentioned phenomenon may stem from Diallyl-sulphide and Diallyl-disulphide, which increase the antioxidant activity."

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