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The Aging of HIV: New Challenges and Perspectives


Author(s): Diaz-Ramos Julio Alberto, Saldívar-Ruiz Ana Laura, Fraga-Ávila Claudia, Asencio-del Real Gabriela, Leal-Mora David, González-Hernández Luz Alicia, Andrade-Villanueva Jaime Federico

The number of older adults living with HIV infection has increased significantly. Several similarities have been found between aging and HIV infection. Patients with HIV can present with premature complications that are often observed in chronological aging, they have been called Geriatric Syndromes (GS). Frailty syndrome, a pathological state of excessive vulnerability in old age, shares with HIV infection the phenomenon of immunodeficiency.

This article reviews the epidemiology of HIV in the elderly, and the impact of immunological aging on the development of negative outcomes known as geriatric syndromes in older adults living with HIV. Finally, the objective of this review is to provide a practical positioning based on scientific evidence, given the new challenges and perspectives of HIV infection in old age, proposing as a more appropriate strategy the establishment of a multidisciplinary vision that includes the support of geriatric medicine in the evaluation of the elderly patient with HIV.

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