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Surveying the Rate of Using Cosmetics Among the Kashan's Women


Author(s): Rouhullah Dehghani, Rezvan Talaee, Mojtaba Sehat, Narges Nikkhah Ghamsari, Leila Mesgari

Using cosmetics is very popular among women in Iran. Direct contact with some of the cosmetics can cause irreparable harm to consumers’ health Regarding the importance of the rate of using cosmetics and the possibility of their side effects, this research studies the rate of using cosmetics among the Kashan's women. Data of this study were obtained through a designed questionnaire filled by 800 women in Kashan. Sampling was done randomly and in a multistage cluster. After obtaining the data, the graphs and tables were drawn and the data were analyzed by Chi-square and Mann–Whitney. The highest rate of continuous use of cosmetics was in the 20-29 years old group and the lowest was in the age group of 49 years old and above. The highest rate of continuous use of cosmetics was in the women with master’s degree, above (47.6%) and the lowest was among the illiterates (10%). 50% of People with high income and 34.8% with lower income used cosmetics continuously. Among the cosmetics, the most used item was lipstick with 74.5%.Variables such as demographic characteristics, socioeconomic status, family relations are the effective factors on the rate of using cosmetics by women .The main reason for using cosmetics by women was enhancing beauty and attracting attention.

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