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"Study the results of Frozen Section pathology vs. permanent section pathology in lymph nodes"


Author(s): Maryam Fereidounpour, Seyed Mostafa Shiryazdi, Shokouh Taghipour-Zahir

"Frozen Section (FS) may significantly assist a surgeon on surgical method decision making. This paper is brought to investigate the liability of FS as an alternative for permanent section pathology in commencing treatment in patients. This is a prospective descriptive-diagnostic study accompalished on 82 choosed specimens from patients who had biopsy of lymph nodes during 2 years. In this study, the demographic data as age, gender and pathological information regarding to the biopsy section, Frozen section pathology results and standard pathology results of patients were recorded. The results achieved from 82 samples with Frozen section and permanent section pathologies are shown in this study. %67.1 of samples are associated with cervical lymph nodes and 23% with axillary ones. The rate of successful permanent section pathology was %71 in comparison to Frozen pathology with %66 and the sensitivity of %93 and specificity of %63.3 were obtained (P<0.001). The sensitivity in axillary and cervical samples was %100 and %89.8 and specificity rate %75 and %50, respectively. The findings of present study imply that Frozen Section is a reliable method to substitute permanent section pathology."

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