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Study of Differentiated Beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Serum (BhCG), Progesterone and CA-125 in Patients with Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy


Author(s): Anisodowleh Nankali, Leila Nazari, Maryam Hematti

"Ectopic pregnancy (EP) is 6-10% of all pregnancy related deaths. The incidence of EP is 1-2% in the developed countries. In the present study we evaluated the serum BhCG, progesterone and CA-125 level in the efficacy of methotrexate for treatment of ectopic tubal pregnancy. Over a period of two years, 61 patients with the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy included in study. 30 cases were in methotrexate (MTX) treatment group and 31 cases in surgical treatment group. Sera of samples were assayed for BhCG, progesterone and CA-125. Analyses were performed using SPSS version 16 computer software. T-test and chi square, Roc analysis was used for Sensitivity and specifity. Mean of baseline BhCG level at initial presentation was 439±363 in MTX group and 1027±722 in surgical treatment group; These levels in two groups were significantly different (p=0.001). Mean of initial serum progesterone level was significantly higher in surgical treatment group than medical treatment group (p<0.006). In addition, no statistically difference was observed in CA-125 between two groups (p<0.671). Finding of this study showed that pretreatment serum BhCG and progesterone level had meaningful relation with the efficacy of medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy; Also in this study CA-125 was not a predictor of MTX treatment."

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