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"Social Support and Self-care Behavior among Heart Failure Patients: Is there any Relationship"


Author(s): Gholam Hassan Khaledi, Ahmad Ali Eslami, Hamidreza Rooh Afza, Firoozeh Mostafavi, Akbar Hassanzadeh, Mohammad Mahboubi

"Heart failure is one of the main cardiovascular diseases and social support towards it is an important benchmark for accomplishing healthy behavior. The aim of this study was to determine relationship between social support and self-care behavior among heart failure patients. This cross-sectional study was conducted among 64 heart failure patients attending Isfahan Cardiovascular Research Institute during 2013. Data collections were based on standard questionnaires and are analyzed by SPSS version 20 using Pearson’s correlation statistical test. The mean age of respondents was 54.5 years [SD: 7.8]. There was correlation between social support and self-care behavior (P<0.001 & r=0.481). Furthermore, family support was highly correlated with self-care behaviors (P<0.001 & r=0.462). It seems that it could be beneficial to provide educational programs to patient’s families for more support of patients in doing self-care behaviors."

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