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Severe Plasmodium Oval Malaria in Adults: About a Clinical Case and Review of Literature


Author(s): Adoumbaye Noubadoum, Diouf JB, Leye MY, Faye MA, Siby CT, Ndong SB, SENE PA,Kamwa DG, Lo G, Taha IA, Sani DRE

Malaria is the world's leading parasitic endemic, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where it is a real public health problem despite enormous efforts to combat it. It is accepted that in these WHO African regions, malaria is mainly caused by P. falciparum and rarely by other species. The cases of severe malaria encountered there are often caused by plasmodium falciparum. The authors report a case of  the severe malaria with plasmodium oval, in a young Senegalese patient who had spent two months in Guinea Conakry. 

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