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Relationship between patient safety and nurse’s teamwork in ICU, CCU and operating rooms in health centers of Rasht in 2013


Author(s): Fardin Mehrabian, Said Asefzade, Shila Kianmehr, Ahmad Nikpey, Amin Ade,

"Patient safety is a global concern in all areas of health care. In addition to inflict pain on humans, unsafe care leads to heavy economic costs. Teamwork formal trainings have been proposed as a systematic approach to finish these errors. Some recent researches have been emphasized on the role of teamwork in providing proper care for the patient in different areas of health care. Our study aimed to evaluate the relationship between patient safety and nurse teamwork in operating rooms and intensive care units in education and treatment centers of Rasht city. This cross -sectional descriptive analysis study conducted in summer 2013. Sample was included education and treatment centers employees and CCU, ICU and operating rooms of education and treatment cen-ters nurses of Rasht city (n=280). Data have been collected using mandatory standards of patient safety friendly Hospitals checklist and teamwork assessment questionnaire and analyzed by SPSS software and descriptive statistical parameters. According to this study, there was significant relationship between patient safety and nurses' team working (p <0.05) and the correlation coefficient was 0.840, so, there was a positive correlation in between. Regarding positive correlation between patient safety and teamwork, to increase patient safety, freedom of employees to express their ideas and suggestions, sufficient human resources and skills are recommended. "

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