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Psychological problems and quality of life in patients with cardiac rhythm management device (CRMD


Author(s): "Hamideh Dehghani, Mohammad Vahid jorat, Tahereh Salami, Seyed Khalil Forozannia, Marzieh Shamibaf, Khadijeh Dehghani"

"The studies which have done on patients who have cardiac rhythm management device (CRMD such as ICD and pacemaker) showed that using this device has been accompanied by losing quality of life and mental health situation of patients. Anxiety in these patients has been related with their life quality. Purpose of this study was check of their psychological problems (anxiety and depression) and the relation of these factors with their quality of life. This study has been done by cross-sectional descriptive method. Sampling method is census of whole patients who have gone to AFSHAR heart center (YAZD) which the number of sample was about 110 (41.8 percent women and 58.2 percent men). The patients have been answered standard questionnaire of HADS (hospital anxiety depression scale) and quality of life (SF36). Analyzing data has been done by using spss 20 software. Anxiety, depression and quality of life mean in these patients are 5.24±4.06, 4.88±4.01 and 60.8±17.40.anxiety mean has a significant relation with mean quality of life of patients (P=0/000) and life quality of these patients have been decreased by anxiety and depression increasing amount. The patients who have reported high anxiety and depression mean are in low life quality group. With regard to the results of these studies paying attention to mental problems anxiety in patients who have used pacemaker and defibrillator devices is necessary, because it increases their quality of life and success probability of cure."

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