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Protein structure prediction of human connexin 30 and its mutations in hearing system


Author(s): Somayeh Reiisi, MohammadHosein Sanati, Morteza Hashemzade-chaleshtori, Salimeh Reisi, Heshmat Shahi, Shahrbano Parchami, Mohammad AminTabatabaiefar, Zarrin Minuchehr

"The connexin genes family codes are the protein subunits of gap junction channels that mediate direct diffusion of ions and metabolites between the cytoplasm of adjacent cells. The role of intercellular communication, particularly between GJB2 and GJB6 (encoding CX26 and CX30) has been confirmed by evidence that certain connexin gene mutations causes sensor neural hearing loss. In this study we characterized 3D model of CX30 proteins in human. The aim of the present study was to carry out the homology modeling study of the mentioned protein using known modeling methods. The model was validated using protein structure validating tools such as RAMPAGE. In addition, mutations of CX30 in hearing system evaluated with mentioned servers. In silico modeling of proteins, Compared with template verified their possible roles and mutation effects in stability of protein structure."

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