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Prevalence of Familial Misbehaviour at Mania and Schizophrenia Patients


Author(s): Naeimeh Dastgahdar, Golrasteh Kholasehzadeh, Naser Dashtei, Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh

"Psychiatric illness is one of the major causes of disability and decrease in social functioning. Today in most communities due to lack of resources a significant part of the responsibility to care and maintenance of psychiatric patients affected in the responsibilities of the families. One of the most important health issues and problems is Familial misbehavior. Therefore, this study conducted with an aim to determine the prevalence of familial misbehavior at mania and schizophrenia patients hospitalized in Taft psychiatric center. Simple randomized method conducted this descriptive study between 122 selected patients. Data collected by questionnaire in two parts; demographic (9 questions) physical and psychological misbehavior (22 questions) by a general medicine in the interview. Data were analyzed in SPSS-11 by using the descriptive statistics and chi-square test in (α=0.05). Mean age of Patients was 35.22±12.29 years, 69 persons (56.5%) were male, 53 persons (43.5%) women. 59 persons (48.4%) manic disease and 63 persons (51.6%) had a schizophrenia. 80 persons (65.6%) have experienced physical misbehavior, 96 persons (78.7%) psychological, 109 persons (89.3%) physical and psychological, only 13 persons (10.7%) did not experience any misbehavior. Householder patients, manic and men mostly experienced physical misbehavior. Prevalence of physical and psychological misbehavior was 89.3 percent. Importance of attention and adopting a necessary educational preventive approach in family ."

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