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Lactic acid bacteria as probiotic candidate and theirapplication


Author(s): Muhammad Shahid Riaz, Tayyaba Shaheen, Nagina Batool, Semhab Saleem, Fakhar Hayat

"The different functional characteristic of microorganism play very important role in the improvement of our health. Lactic acid bacteria belong to Firmicuts and are play very important rule in food and infectious medicine. The lactic acid bacteria have many important applications such as lactic acid bacteria are essential in cheese flavor. Lactic acid bacteria are non sporulating, immobilized, catalase negative and have optimum temperature for growth in the range of 20-450C. This review particularly focused on the production of different antimicrobial compounds such as bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria. The various types of bacteriocins are used as a barrier against the disease causing and food spoilage microorganisms"

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