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Knowledge and Behavioural Intention about Preven-tion of Hepatitis B in Medical and Non-Medical College Students


Author(s): Razieh Zolghadr, Hossein Faramarzi, Mohammad Mahboubi

"Hepatitis B infection is the primary cause of liver diseases and liver cancer. The aim of this study is to determine the knowledge and behavioral intention about hepatitis B among college students. This cross sectional study was carried out on 1145 college students of Yazd universities both medical and non-medical, which recruited them with a random sampling method. The data gathering was done with standard self-administered questionnaire. Data were analyzed by SPSS-20 using t-test, Chi-square and ANOVA statistical tests at the 95% significant level. The Results showed there was a significant relation between knowledge and behavioral intention about hepatitis B among medical and non-medical college students. In addition, there were significant relation between gender, type of university and level of education with knowledge and behavior intention (P< 0.05). Our findings indicated the degree of knowledge and behavioral intention about hepatitis B was low among non-medical college studenst. We suggested the designing and implementing of education programs for increasing knowledge and behavioral intention about hepatitis B among non-medical college students."

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