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"Job Satisfaction of Health Deputy Office Experts in Guilan University of Medical Sciences"


Author(s): Fardin Mehrabian, Fatemeh Rezayati, Yasaman Pourbakhshi, Jamileh Moemeni1, Parvin Ebrahimi

"Job satisfaction plays a significant role in the progress of an organization and the behavior of its work force health. Job dissatisfaction causes increasing absence, quitting of jobs, turnover rate and job accidents. The purpose of this research was to study job satisfaction of Health Deputy Office experts in Guilan University of Medical Sciences. This descriptive and cross-sectional study was conducted in summer 2013. The research population included 187 health experts from 16 district health centers in Guilan province. The sampling was done with census method. The data collection tool was Frederick Herzberg standard questionnaire including 72 questions, which scored with Likert seven-item scale. The collected data were analyzed by calculating descriptive statistics, indices and correlation test using SPSS software, version 18. Pearson correlation test indicated that there was a significant and positive relationship between motivational and hygiene factors (PValue =0.000). In addition, general satisfaction was significantly and positively associated with motivational and hygiene factors (P-Value =0.000). Considering significant role of job satisfaction in health personnel's performance, it is necessary to improve motivational factors and hygiene factors affecting on job satisfaction including suitable and intimate working conditions, job security and staff encouragement with material and spiritual incentives and to prove the way for innovation and creativity at workplace."

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