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Isolation and Identification of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from Pistachio Farms of Anar City


Author(s): Mohammad Zolfaghari, Farshid kafilzadeh

"Indiscriminate and incorrect use of poisons and fertilizers is very dangerous and has created a lot of problems and examples of these problems include health and environmental damage or economic problems. There are microorganisms in soil that are able to release the phosphorus from the minerals and organic compounds through producing of primary metabolites and their secretion in soil on the minerals and organic compounds. in this research and during two consecutive seasons of the year (spring and winter 2014), sampling was conducted in pistachio farms of Anar city. Identification of phosphate solubilizing bacteria was done using the current biochemical tests. the study results showed that only Bacillus pumilus is able to solve phosphate in pistachio farms. Bio-fertilizers not only have many economic and environmental benefits, but also maintain the stability of available resources in soil, increase the long-term production capacity and decrease the environmental pollutions."

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