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"Intention and Behavioral Stages in Pap Testing: A Cross-Sectional Study among Kermanshah Women’s, the west of Iran"


Author(s): "Zahra Sha-Mohammadi, Farzad Jalilian, Mehdi Mirzaei-Alavijeh, Mohammad Mahboubi, Fazel Zinat-Motlagh, Behzad Karami-Matin, Naser Hatamzadeh

"Pap smear test is effective screening method for cervical cellular changes, before it becomes cervical cancer. The aim of this study is to determine the status of Pap smear test performed among women based on theory of planned behavior and stages of changes. This cross-sectional study conducted among 330 women referred to Kermanshah health center were selected in many stages. Use of standard questionnaires included in three sections are : Demographic, Theory of planned behavior and Stages of change structures to data gathering were analyzed by SPSS-21. 31.5% (97 cases) of participants had followed a regular Pap smear program. Attitude, subjective norms and perceived behavior control counted for 31% of the Pap smear behavior intention (R2=31% & P< 0.001). Most of women (160 cases, 51.9%) were in the pre-contemplation and contemplation of regular undergoing of Pap smear test. Factors affecting in health behaviors can be useful in health planning, the present findings showed, in design of behavioral interventions to promotion of pap testing in women special emphasis should be in role for subjective norms in each of the stages of change."

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