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Impact of Orthodontic Forces on Pulp Reaction: A Systematic Review


Author(s): Ines Dallel*, Rahma Ayari, Amani Zrelli, Moncef Ommezine, Samir Tobji and Adel Ben Amor

Introduction: Force application to a tooth during orthodontic treatment evokes a biological response of the dental pulp. The aim of this systematic literature review was to investigate the relationship between orthodontic force level and pulp reaction in humans.

Materials and methods: The orated focused question, conforming to the PICO, was “Does orthodontic treatment influence the human dental pulp vitality?” It was established according to the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and metaanalyses. An electronic database browsing was performed from the year 2000 to December 2018 including PubMed, the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Central) and Science Direct databases.

Results: In this systematic review, we found 52 articles matching the inclusion criteria. The methodological quality of most studies was graded moderate to low.

Conclusion: Pulpal reactions which may occur during the different treatment stages are generally of small effect in the majority of cases which have commonly a reversible character.

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