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"How to estimate and predict the expenses incurred by diabetes treatment using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)"


Author(s): Mohammad Mahboubi, Mehrali Rahimi, Mahshid Mohebbi, Fariba Ghahramani

"Diabetes is considered as a great health problem due to its economic importance and the fact that it is a chronic disease. The aim of this study is to determine the costs imposed on diabetic patients using Artificial Neural Network. The study data was gathered by randomly investigating 396 individuals who referred themselves to Kermanshah diabetic center. In this research The Artificial Neural Network using Multiple Layer Perception (MLP) is used to investigate the costs imposed on Diabetic patients. The variable related to treatment of diabetes was calculated through a neural network covering 8 different output layers.The eight output layers of expenses includes physician's visit, medication, tests, hospitalization, radiology, treatment of symptoms, transportation, and counseling. In this study, the highest annual expenses are related to medication, tests, and radiology. In addition, the patients who presented the symptoms spent more money on treatment. Considering the need to efficiently use medical facilities, it is necessary to use way’s which can be applied to predict the medical expenses however We come to this conclusion that neural network had great advantages over the regression model and could be used as an efficient tool for prediction of expenses and can replace the classical and statistical models."

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