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Histological Alteration in Different Tissues of Freshwater Teleost Labeo rohita (Hamilton) Induced by Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC and Marshal (Carbosulfan 25%EC)


Author(s): Chandrima Dey, Samir Kumar Saha

"Though synthetic pyrethroids and carbamates have enormous use as pesticides however here we look for the histological effects of sublethal doses of Lambda-cyhalothrin 5% EC (a Synthetic pyrethroid) and Marshal (Carbosulfan 25%EC) [a Carbamate pesticide] on brain, gill, liver and kidney of Labeo rohita. Probit Analysis revels that the LC 50 found to be 0.7μl/L and 10 μl/L for Lambda-cyhalothrin and Marshal respectively. After 10 days of pesticides exposure histopathological studies were performed. Notable changes were observed in brain, liver, gill and kidney."

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