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Functional Properties, Physical Parameters and Sensory Attributes in Extruded Products Based on Cereals, Pulseses and Legumes


Author(s): Mohammad Reza Shadan, Fahimeh Khoushabi, Javad Sharifi-Rad

The typical diet in populations with a high prevalence of malnutrition is consists predominantly of a starch-rich staple, such as a cereal or tuber, limited amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses, and little or no animal-source foods. The aim of this study was determine the functional properties and sensory evaluation of extruded products based on cereals, pulses and legumes. Twelve composite flours were prepared using cereals, pulses and legumes; then were formulated and extruded by a twin screw extruder. The extruded samples were analyzed for their densities such as tap, true and bulk densities; also they were analyzed for their extrudate diameter, expansion ratio, expansion area and finally hardness. Samples were evaluated for their water absorption index, water solubility index and water holding capacity. Then the panels of semi-trained judges consisting of 100 members were given the twelve extruded products for assessment their organoleptic characteristics including appearance, color, taste, texture, and overall acceptability based on consumer acceptability studies. Analysis of data indicated that the extruded product of 12 samples had best functional properties compared to others; in addition, found data demonstrated that this combination was significantly better in color, flavor, texture and overall acceptability than others. It is considerable that mixing of cereals, pulses and legumes along with extrusion method will improve the quality of final products.

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