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Free radical capacity in plasma of type 2 diabetic patients


Author(s): Rasoul Hosseini, Abolfazl Shokoohi-Nahrkhalaji, Elham ZeinaliNia, Farshad Samimi-Motlagh, Reza Ahmadi, Hamidreza Shahmoradi

"Type 2 diabetes is most common in middle age. This type of diabetes usually causes defects in insulin secretion. The disease worldwide is increasing day by day. The creation of free radicals that can occur in patients with diabetes on protein oxidation, lipid peroxidation; DNA can affect and damage the cells. The kidneys, eyes, cardiovascular system, blood vessels are so detrimental. This study aims to evaluate free radical capacity in plasma of type 2 diabetic Patients. This case - control study was conducted using random sampling. A survey was carried out on blood from samples, which included 30 type 2 diabetic patients, and 30-control sample of age and sex matched subjects. The free radical capacity level were significantly (P = 0.005) higher in control sample compared with type 2 diabetic patients. Free radicals have an important part in reducing cellular damage."

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