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"Factors Related in Mammography Screening Adoption: an Application of Extended Parallel Process Model"


Author(s): Elaheh Vatannavaz, Parvaneh Taymoori

"It was estimated that one out of eight women would be diagnosed for having breast cancer. Furthermore, breast cancer seemed to affect Iranian women a decade sooner. Mammography behavior analysis is considered as a main method to control breast cancer. Present study aimed to determine effective factors on attending mammography sessions using expanded parallel process model. This descriptive-analytic study was conducted among 252 women aged above 40 years who attended mammography centers in Hamadan, Iran. Participants were selected randomly and a structured questionnaire was applied for collecting data than data was analyzed by SPSS version 21 and LISREL version 8.7. Our findings showed, self-efficacy had the highest correlation with accomplishing mammography behavior; regression coefficient analysis, also, showed that R² rates for variables such as self-efficacy, perceived control and attending regular mammography sessions were 0.85, 0.76 and 0.96, respectively. Based on our results, it seemed essential to put emphasis on perceived sensitivity in training programs through sending out messages to increase risk awareness and decrease the fear to make the early diagnose of breast cancer possible and prevent its secondary development."

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