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"Evaluation of the nutritional status using the anthropometric indices and dietary intakes in the central prison of Mashhad"


Author(s): Adeleh KhodaBakhshiFard, Mohammad Safarian, Sajjad Rostami, Somayeh Zamani, Mohsen Mazidi, Mostafa Arabi, Mohsen Nematy, Abbas Yousefi Nejad

"High possibility of diet lacking in essential nutrients between the prisoners that could lead to malnutrition; to evaluate the nutritional status of the prisoners and check the rate of nutritional disorders between them. A cross-sectional, randomized study carried out on a sample of 435 prisoners. Questionnaires including gender, age, types of food intake and type of crime were completed. Anthropometric indices were measured on the base of WHO standards. Two weeks food menu of the prison was checked. The outcomes were analyzed using SPSS. The mean BMI value for male and female prisoners was 24.5 and 28.3 kg / m2 respectively. The prevalence of underweight, overweight and obesity were 13.8%, 5.5% and 1% respectively. The prevalence of underweight was significantly more in men (p<0.05) compared with women. In contrast, the prevalence of overweight and obesity was much more in women compared with men. Inadequate supply of calories for men and protein for all the prisoners was recognized in the prison food menu. Results from this study showed that malnutrition risk was high in Mashhad central prison especially for male prisoners."

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