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Effects of administration of hydro-alcoholic extract of ginger (Zingiber officinale) on blood serum cations (Mg, Na +, K+, Ca2 +) and the sex ratio of male and female newborn Wistar rats


Author(s): Najmeh Farhadi, Saeid Khatamsaz, Manzarbano Shojaeifard, Hossein Kargar-jahromi, Zahra Khabbaz

"Ginger is a medicinal herb rich in potassium that has the most anti-oxidants (vitamins E, C, B) and promotes sex. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of hydro-alcoholic extract of ginger on serum level of cations and sex ratio in newborn rats. In this study, 160 female adult rats and 84 male Wistar rats were used. Male rats were divided into 3 groups-controls, sham, maximum dose (2000mg/kg/day). Female rats were divided into 5 groups-control, sham, minimal (500mg/kg/day), medium (1000mg/kg/day) and maximal experimental (2000mg/kg/day). All experimental groups received the extract. Control group received extraction solvent and Sham group received an equal amount of water and alcohol. Injections were performed as Gavage for a period of 30days. After the period was completed, blood was collected. The rest of the male and female rat’s in-group and out-group were associated and sex ratio of male to female was measured. The results evaluated through one-way analysis of variance, T test and ANOVA using 20SPSS software. Results indicated a significant accumulation of sodium and potassium ions in the blood serum of male and female rats that received a ginger extract compared to that of the control groups. Moreover, there was a significant difference between the amount of sodium and potassium ions in the blood serum of female rats at least with maximum and medium groups. The number of male newborn rats that received extract was higher than that of females. The number of male newborn rats in the experimental group at a minimum dose was higher than that of the other groups. The results indicated that ginger extract alters the function of the reproductive system in male and female rats and increases sex ratio of male and the chance of male birth. This is due to the change in serum ion balance and consequently an electrolyte change of the internal environment of the uterus and discharges of the fallopian tubes that effect on the acceptability of X-, Y- bearing sperms in egg and alters the sex ratio of newborns."

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