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Development of a Pentanucleotide STR Marker for HumanIdentity Testing


Author(s): Neda Mehrafshan, Mitra Ahmadi , Reza Allaeddini

"Design of an amplification technique and assessment of a pentanucleotide tandem repeat, with locus of D6Sp57, for human identity testing in forensic sciences were investigated in this study. This short tandem repeat (STR) has a repeating sequence of CACAG. The sequence repetition and the size of STR product are specific to each person. The selective amplification of this locus in different individual genomes by polymerizes chain reaction (PCR) technique needs the optimal processing condition of thermocycler and the master mix. This optimization can be done by the correct choice of the primers and the optimization of PCR protocol. The STR of five blood samples from different individuals was amplified by PCR under the optimal condition. The products of the reaction were electrophoretically separated on a polyacrylamide gel. The results have shown the specificity of the marker to different individuals and approved the applicability of this pentanucletide marker for forensic purposes"

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