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Correlation of interleukin-2 and uric acid plasma con-centration with multiple sclerosis in Iranian patients


Author(s): Arezou Sayad, Aida Sayad, Abdolamir Allameh, Yasaman Mohseni

"Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an inflammatory and an autoimmune disease which the immune system can play an important role on its pathogenesis. As uric acid (UA) is considered as an endogenous peroxynitrite-scavenger, it may effect on MS. In this study, concentrations of interleukin-2 (IL2) and UA in plasma samples of MS patients were assessed. One hundred Iranian MS patients (mean± SD age of 32.95 ±6.51 years, range of 20-48 years) from medical genetics department of Sarem Women hospital were selected. Besides, one hundred ethnically, age and sex matched healthy individuals (mean± SD age of 29.8±7.8 years, range of 20-50 years) without personal or family backgrounds of autoimmune disorders were enrolled as a control group. IL2 plasma concentration was calculated by Human IL2 kit of eBioscience Company. Plasma level of UA was detected using Uric Acid Assay Kit of Abcam Company. The Plasma concentration of IL2 was significantly higher in MS patients than controls (8.435×10-7). Also plasma concentrations of uric acid were significantly lower in MS group in comparison with control subjects (1.548×10-30). The patients had around 2.2 times lower UA plasma concentration than controls. Our studies suggested that measurement of plasma IL2 and UA concentrations may provide an objective marker of disease in patients with MS. In addition, it seems that studies with larger sample size are required to bring about more authentic results."

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