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Comparison of Wishes in Two Groups of Patients with Life-threatening Illnesses


Author(s): Shima Afshar, Baranak Safaian, Mamak Shariat, Noora Afshar, Fedyeh Haghollahi

The aim of this study was to evaluate the self-reported wishes of cancer and dialysis patients (3-19 years) and examine its possible association with patients' demographics and clinical characteristics. This is a cross- sectional study and included cancer undergoing chemotherapy and renal failure that were dialyzing during a period of 6 months. From a total of 46 patients that participated in this study, the majority of cancer patients are younger (<6 years) than the chronic renal failure patients (52% vs 13 %, p=0.01). The Cancer patients’ wish to buy staves is 4 times more in comparison to the other group. The current study provides valuable information for charity to adequately manage cancer patients’humanitarian aid and the better psychological health.

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