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Compare anatase and rutile crystal of TiO2 for arsenic removal of drinking water


Author(s): Shahrzad khoramnejadian

"In this research, removal of arsenic from water by two nano-crystals of titanium dioxide has been studied. Ana-tase and rutile nano-particles in powder form were added to water and the arsenic amount were measured during test. The tests were conducted with and without UV irradiation. Results were showed that UV light accelerated and enhanced the arsenic removal. Anatase had a better arsenic removal than the rutile nanoparticles. In amount of 10 mg/L and 15 mg/L arsenic, the reduction was satisfactory, but for initial amount of 20 mg/L and 25 mg/L ar-senic, the reduction were less than lower initial amount. The tests were done at room temperature. The tests showed that an increase in the amount of arsenic in water improves the removal time and impairs the naonparti-cles’ efficiency."

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