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Cholecalciferol for Primary Dysmenorrhea in a College- aged Population- A Clinical Trial


Author(s): Mina Ataee, Maryam Zangeneh, Mohammad Mahboubi

"Primary dysmenorrhea is the most common gynecological complaints among adolescents. The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the effect of vitamin-D in reduction of pelvic pain in women suffering primary dys-menorrhea. This double blind randomized clinical trial was performed on women suffering from primary dys-menorrhea. For case group (n=27), vitamin-D was prescribed as a single dose of 300 000IU starting 5 days be-fore the beginning of menstruation, for three consecutive cycles. For control group (n=27), a Placebo was pre-scribed. Pain severity was evaluated using Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). There was a reduction of the pain score in the first month for both groups (mean score of 5.3±2.24 for group-A and 5.21±2.35 for group-B). In the next two months pain reduction continued for group-A, but for group-B pain scores grows higher than the first month. In-dependent student t-test showed that pain score was significantly lower in group-A than group-B after beginning of therapy in the second and third month (P= 0.023 and 0.001 respectively).There was no significant difference between two groups in the level of vitamin-D in follicular and luteal Phase. Vitamin-D causes significant pain re-duction in primary dysmenorrhea that due to its safety can be a simple treatment for this problem."

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