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Biosensors: Functions and Applications


Author(s): Reza Kazemi-Darsanaki, Azadeh Azizzadeh, Maryam Nourbakhsh, Golnaz Raeisi, Morteza AzizollahiAliabadi

" The development of biosensors has been the focus of scientist's attention for current decades. Biosensors can centrally serve as low-cost and highly able devices for this aim in addition to being applied in other day to day applications. Biosensor is a device that consists of two central pieces: A bioreceptor besides a transducer. Bioreceptor is a biological factor that recognizes the target analyte and transducer is a physicochemical detector component that converts the recognition event into a measurable signal. Biomolecules such as enzymes, antibodies, receptors, organelles also microorganisms as well as animal and plant cells or tissues have been applied as biological sensing factors. In this paper, we review current development in use of biosensors as a diagnostic tool, as well as some future applications of biosensor technology."

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