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Best Editorial Members in Journal of Biology and Today's World During 2016-2017


Author(s): Mehrnoosh Shanaki, Solaleh Emamgholipour, Mahdyieh Naziri, Chiya Amini, Mahnaz Jafarzadeh, Mohammad Zare, Masoud Negahdary, Arezou Sayad

We are proud that with the cooperation and efforts of the editorial members of JBTW, this journal was successful be indexed in the Scopus in 2016. This journal is an Iranian Journal that despite no support from the Iranian government could continue its activities firmly and in a high quality way. All researchers in the world are invited to submit their valuable manuscripts in the field of biomedical sciences to this journal. Editorial members of this journal are doing their utmost to have high quality referees and publication. It should be noted, now also this journal in terms of quality in infrastructure software, management and publication design is beyond of all developing countries. This report is provided for the members that have been most cooperative in this biomedical journal.

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