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Bedsore Incidence in Trauma Patients Admitted to the ICU


Author(s): Farshid Rahimi–Bashar, Hamed Samami, Saadat Torabian

"Bedsore is one of the most prevalent problems in hospitals especially ICU ward; which results in death and incapability, life quality degradation and increase of hospital costs. Pressure ulcer or bedsore is a lesion involves the skin or subcutaneous layers and generally comes after an undergoing constant pressure by tissues. The aim of this study is to investigate the frequency of bedsore in trauma patients. This cross-sectional study, performed on 248 trauma patients admitted in ICU of Hamedan Be’ssat hospital and filling the inquiries was based on variables. Data was analyzed by SPSS version 15, T-test and Chi-Square test. In 248 patients’ case studies, 21 bedsore cases were recorded; of which 16 were males and 5 were females. There was a significant relationship between patients’ age and duration of hospitalization with bedsore incidence. The frequency of bedsore incidence points and their gradation were evaluated that most of hospitalized patients in ICU had no ulcer. Further, the frequency of ulcer grades was analyzed based on trauma type that all sores had higher rate in multiple traumas. Programming is an important factor to minimize pressure sores; thus, probability of bedsore incidence shall be considered in all admitted patients."

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