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Antiproliferative Potential of Lithium Salts Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line


Author(s): Alexander Petrovich Lykov*, Natalia Taskaeva Bgatova, Yulia, Sabina and Olga Nogovitsina

To investigate the antiproliferative activity of nanosized particles of lithium salts against hepatocellular carcinoma cells line -29 (HCC-29) with special attention on apoptosis. HCC-29 cell line was inoculated by the intraperitoneal injection in mice. The different officinal and nanosized particles of the lithium salts effect on cell viability, and proliferation, and cell cycle distribution, and apoptosis, and membrane expression of GSK3β, was studied in vitro. The nanosized particle of lithium citrate and lithium carbonate treatment caused a reduction of survival rate, proliferation activity of HCC-29 cell line. Immunophenotype analysis revealed increased apoptosis by nanosized particles of lithium carbonate, and increased a number cell in subG0-G1 (apoptotic cells), and decreased the number of cells in G2-M phase. Nanosized particles of lithium citrate and lithium carbonate treatment also increased membrane expression of GSK-3β. The nanosized particle of lithium citrate and lithium carbonate suppresses cell viability and proliferation, induced apoptosis, especial lithium carbonate, and increased membrane expression of GSK-3β in vitro.

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