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Analyzing the Efficacy of Fuzzy logic in the Concentration of Cadmium in Soil and Potatoes (Case Study in Absard City of Damavand)


Author(s): Maryam Valadkhani, Shahrzad Khoramnejadian, Hadi Radnezhad

Owing to complexity, uncertainty in natural phenomena and natural dynamism, Fuzzy logic puts the obscurities in mathematical formation and preparation for decision-making and reasoning. The present analysis represents the accuracy of Fuzzy interpretation (qualitative measurement of cadmium) in estimating the concentration of cadmium in soil and the potato product in 8 pieces of farmland in Absard, Damavand. Some physical and chemical features of soil, together with the amount of cadmium concentrated in soil and potatoes, were measured three times by Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and were analyzed through Mamdani Inference System by Toolbox of Matlab. The cadmium in potatoes and roadside farmlands was measured to be more than the standard amount; therefore, it illustrates high cadmium toxicity in the mentioned area. It is concluded that Fuzzy logic (the rule of if-then) has a more appropriate and accurate approach to evaluating the concentration of cadmium in soil and product regarding the attention that is paid to the impact of all the characteristics of soil and the complex relationship among the parameters and plant type.

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