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About Us

Lexis Group, consisted of Lexis Academy and Lexis Press, began its activity in 2013 with its main offices in Sharjah and Dubai, UAE and its regional offices in Hamburg, Germany.

All articles published in Lexis are made freely and permanently available online upon publication without any subscription charges or registration barriers. The authors hold the copyright of the published article. The articles are published with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Flexible submission policy: For ease of submission, authors can directly submit their articles through mail at [email protected] or [email protected]. Authors can submit their manuscripts as a single PDF file or Microsoft Word file with resolution figures, figure legends and supplemental information. The cover letter must be provided separately during the submission process.

Preliminary quality report on articles within 7 days: Lexis is a peer reviewed scientific publisher which offers rapid evaluation with a transparent flow of manuscript throughout the publication process. Upon manuscript submission, the in-house managing-editors works on the manuscript to provide preliminary quality report. The first report on your manuscript is provided within 3 days of submission. The manuscript which passes the preliminary quality check undergoes peer review process which is headed by an Editor of the journal. Based on the reviewer comments the editor reserves the right to accept/revise/reject the manuscript. This rapid mode of evaluation process takes 21 days to complete.

High visibility of published content: All the content published in Lexis is made available in an open access format immediately. The published content is promoted in different scientific groups via press release, blogs and social media sharing’s.

Scoop protection: Lexis provides scoop protection to manuscripts. It means that if any researcher publishes similar content or findings after the submission of the original manuscript, it will not be considered as the reason for rejection of the manuscript. However, Editor reserves the right to reject the manuscript upon other grounds.

Pre-submission inquiries: We encourage pre-submission inquiries from authors who seek editorial advice regarding their manuscript. Pre-submission inquiries should include a title, abstract, and a cover letter explaining the significance of the research. All the pre-submission inquiries should be sent to Lexis via e-mail to [email protected] .