about lexis group

Launched in the year 2013, the Lexis Group comprising of Lexis Academy and Lexis Press, has come a long way in publishing sector. Currently, the Lexis group operates from its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, and regional office in Hamburg, Germany. Lexis Group is progressively making an impression as a frontier in promoting research and innovation in the fields of biology, medicine and clinical research across the globe. With an impressive journal portfolio, Lexis Academy takes immense pride in being a supporter and follower of the open-access policy. All manuscripts received in Lexis are subject to a peer review, editorial processing, and production services until hosting on the web site, thus ensuring the reliability and quality of the article. Lexis believes that scholarly, systematic and scientific information, innovations and expert correspondence should be effectively communicated as rapidly and as broadly as possible. As a distinguishing quality, Lexis encourages pre-submission queries from authors seeking editorial advice regarding their manuscript. Pre-submission queries include title, abstract, and a cover letter explaining the significance and impact of the research.

Lexis Academy offers certain distinct advantages for the contributors.

  • Open Access Policy: Since the articles published under the aegis of the Lexis Group follow open access format, they are freely and permanently accessible online without being subject to hindrance by subscription charges or registration fees. This ensures greater visibility of the published content.
  • Metrics and Impact: Lexis takes adequate measures to make your research easy to find and cite, and that your ideas are accessible to the entire scientific community by maximizing the probability of clicks, views and downloads. In addition, the published content is actively promoted on various social media platforms for wide impact. Policymakers, educators, and associated organizations can gain directly from the research published in Lexis Academy.
  • Authority: Open research articles are published with a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0), with the authors holding the copyright of the published article(s).
  • Flexible Submission: In addition to the regular editorial manager platform, the authors can directly submit their articles through mail at [email protected]
  • A Rapid Review Process: Lexis is committed towards cutting short any unnecessary publication delays. Authors are encouraged to suggest potential reviewers. On an average, the review process takes 21 days. Once a manuscript is accepted, it is processed quickly for hosting online.
  • Scoop Protection: Following the submission of the original manuscript, if an author publishes pre-print of similar work or findings, it will not be considered as the ground for rejection.

Queries and suggestions: [email protected]